Our mission is to facilitate a safe and healthy environment that provides students quality education based upon modern technology and philosophies, instills pride in students identity as Muslims as well as Canadians, all of which will create the opportunity for youth to gain the confidence and empowerment to be the leaders of tomorrow for our community and nation. We stress a holistic approach to the development of the child in harmony with the teachings of the Qu’ran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) focusing on their spiritual, Intellectual, creative, social, and physical being.


Our vision is that children will leave Hamilton Downtown Islamic School with:

• A sense of pride in their identity as Canadians and as well as Muslims and the correct understanding and practice of the religion of Islam

• The ability to critically think and adapt to the ever changing world.

• The skills and character needed to be productive and contributing members of Canadian society

• Being an exemplary model of morality, civil and social responsibility.

• The confidence to pursue any and all aspirations whether it be academic, career, and/or roles of leadership

• Real life experiences that will assist them in their post-secondary education, career and otherwise.


• To create a competitive advantage among Islamic Private Schools by taking a leadership position with respects to quality, philosophy, technology, diversity of course offerings, and student body as well as with the immersion of Islamic ideology within all disciplines and school culture.

• To provide students an opportunity to excel not only in academia but in leadership roles, community involvement, and extra-curricular activities.

• To strengthen students connection with Allah and their Prophet (pbuh)

• To provide a diverse offering of courses for students.

• To create a culture based upon the teachings of Islam which includes, among other things, tolerance, inclusion, communication and consultation among key stakeholders such as parents, the surrounding community etc.