E-Learning Opportunity

AssalamoAlaikom HDIS Families,

March break is over but kids are still at home, they will not be returning to school on the 5th of April but according to Premier Doug Ford, a school closure will be extended indefinitely amid a COVID-19 outbreak.

This is tough, we want everyone to be safe and secure but we also want our children to keep on learning. This is the time of the year when student’s learning is supposed to be at the maximum and the final term could conclude their learning in June.

Parents play an important role in their child’s learning and it is still possible with the combined efforts of parents and teachers.

We want them to finish the academic year successfully fulfilling all academic requirements. We do not want them to sit in from of the T.V or computers the whole day or play in their gadgets. This will stop them from moving forward in their achieving with loss of precious time and they will end up losing their prior knowledge if not connected wisely. We can use the technology and gadgets to educate them by connecting them with their classroom teachers every day as normal school settings with reduced hours and effective teaching.

Hamilton Downtown Islamic School has come up with a plan of starting E-Teaching for the benefit of the students. However, this will include teachers to work very hard and create an online portal to reach all the students but teachers of HDIS are ready to meet the challenges. A teacher’s true happiness lies in the student’s success.

Imagine three months without proper learning than two more months of summer holidays and the loss of your child’s productivity !! this is the time that we work together and continue to support our children learning by encouraging them to attend every day like a school day by being in a virtual classroom with all other fellows, taking lessons, doing discussions getting homework and be productive each day. The other option is doing nothing for five days plus weekends for the remainder of the year and this continues for indefinite time!!

We are lucky that we have a team of dedicated teachers who are willing to consider E-Teaching options, we are blessed to have these skills at HDIS, kindly consider taking benefit from them. This is an opportunity and not all primary schools are thinking to offer E-Teaching right now but we can start it as soon as we get parent’s consent. This is in the best interest of your child, kindly inform the school as soon as possible that you are willing to support and then we will be able to announce the start date. We need people to support their children learning and appreciate our teacher’s dedication to make this happen.

Please contact/email school for the consent to start the mutual E-Learning of your child today!

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Supply Teachers Needed

Supply Teachers needed.

Hamilton Downtown Islamic School is looking to hire the supply teachers from grades 1-7. Applicants will be asked to submit a police check upon their selection.


Language/Math Supply Teachers


ECE/OCT/B.Ed. are preferred.

Fluent in English and aware of the Canadian curriculum.

Efficient in Math and able to help students with work.

Experience of working in a private/public school setting.

Available on short notices, long- and short-term availability is an asset

Be able to follow the lesson plans and duty routines of an absent teacher.

Guide students when needed.

Be mindful of school/children confidentiality.


French Supply Teacher


ECE/OCT/B.Ed. are preferred.

Fluent in French and aware of the Canadian curriculum.

Experience of working in a private/public school setting.

Available on short notices, long- and short-term availability is an asset.

Be able to follow the lesson plans and duty routines of an absent teacher.

Guide students when needed.

Be mindful of school/children confidentiality.


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School Uniform Mandatory

This is to let parents and families know that Uniform is mandatory for all the students. Multiple reminders will result in taking off their privileges including the school trips. There is no exception to this rule. Parents are advised to buy the uniform as soon as possible or contact the office if they have any issues regarding this matter.

HDIS Management.

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HDIS Assembly Invitation

               Friday December 20th at 11am


Please join us in our first assembly on December 20th at 11 am in the Community Hall.

All parents are invited, they are requested to attend the assembly and wait until all the performances are finished. Featuring performances by JSK, Grades 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

Parents can take their child/children with them after the assembly which will finish before Jumma prayer. School will be dismissed immediately after the assembly for the winter break which is from December 23rd till January 3rd. Please make sure you pick your child/children around 12:30 pm even if you are not attending the assembly.

School will reopen on Monday, January 6th. Hope you all enjoy the winter break!

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Parent Council Meeting

Dear parents,

This is to let you know that the Parent Council meeting is scheduled on Monday, November 4th, from 3:45-4:45 pm in the library. All interested parents are invited to attend although there will be a draw for the selection of new members.

Parents play an important role in establishing a learning community along with teachers. Parent council meetings provide opportunities to share the suggestions/ideas for the betterment of students and school.  It is time to discuss school policies/procedures and to consider other opinions related to school. We look forward to your participation.



HDIS Team.

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My name is Nailah  Faisal, I would like to introduce myself to the community. I am newly appointed Principal of the Hamilton Downtown Islamic School having M.Sc., B.SC., B.ED degree with OCT certification and in good standing Alhumdollilah.

I believe that every child is unique: children need an equal opportunity to explore according to their style to unfold the process of learning. This connects me strongly to my world view I quote from the Quran:, “Each work according to his/her manner , But Allah is most knowing of who is best guided in a way”(Quran 17;48). The various learning styles skin colour and different types of character reflect wisdom and power of the creator. School should be inviting, accepting a diverse place where students can laugh at their mistakes while learning and celebrating achievements together.

I aspire to serve the community by being leader in my learning community through building a network in collaboration with peers, colleagues, parents/ guardians and other educational partners to promote the values in learning. I plan to engage in an ongoing professional practice to nurture kids with wisdom and truth.

My goal is to prepare good Muslims who are well aware of Islamic values, equip them with high level of ministry recognized education and prepare them for the fast paced outside world!


Principal HDIS

Nailah Faisal, M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Ed., OCT.

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Hamilton Downtown Islamic School Announcements

HDIS is pleased to update the community with planning and upcoming events related to school commencing from September. Education committee and Principal are delighted to work together for school success. Recent meeting of Education Committee with principal had meaningful discussions which include:

  • Short and long term planning beneficial for school
  • Work related to the fresh look of School by painting and redecorating classes
  • Meeting with teacher to discuss their short and long range plans
  • JK/SK play area possibilities within the same level
  • Curriculum implementation with added books and resources
  • Technology access possibilities in classrooms
  • Functional use of new computer lab
  • Benefits of newer common main level overhead projector.
  • Future possibility of a confined space as school playground.
  • Open house arrangement ideas.
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