Downtown Islamic School is a full-time school, Kindergarten to Grade 8. We need the support of the Muslim Community, your support is very essential to help HDIS grow and succeed. Your donation is a sadaqah jariyah that will help build a generation of young Muslims who have a strong Islamic foundation


Alhamdulillah! The Hamilton Downtown Islamic School is growing and so is our need! 😁
We appreciate the previous and ongoing generous support from all.
Currently, we are in need of buying some items for the school:

💻 5 i7 computers (since we have all i7, refurbished will work).
🎧 Headphones (15 in count) and 2 noise-cancelling headphones.
🏐 2 volleyballs.
⚽ 2 soft soccer balls.
🛴 Some scooters.
🥊 Gym equipment such as a punching bag, etc.
🗑 Basketball pole and net.

🚨 Kindly do not try to reach in person, or via any other social media link.

We thank all the community members for supporting Hamilton Downtown Islamic School. May Allah reward our community members greatly for their contribution! Ameen 🤲