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Remote Learning Start Date

Assalam-o-Alaikom HDIS Families,

This is a reminder that  E- teaching/Remote learning will start  on Wednesday 21st of April 2021. Teachers will be contacting families (if needed) on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th April to assist them in getting ready for remote learning.

Parents/guardians are advised to contact homeroom or subject teachers for further assistance within the school time on Monday and Tuesday. HDIS staff will be happy to help our learning community.

Prayers are needed as we head towards the end of the year.

Stay home, stay safe


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Good Friday and Monday Holiday

Asslamo-Alaikom HDIS Families,


This is to inform all HDIS families that there will be no school on Friday, April 2nd, and Monday, April 5th, due to designated Good Friday and Easter Monday Holiday.

Hamilton is in lockdown already, Hamilton public School Board is also concerned about the growing cases of COVID 19 and warns parents of possible remote learning:

Hamilton public board warns parents of possible return to remote learning – CHCH


Students will be advised to take all their books and learning materials home on Thursday just in case learning is completely switched to online.

Our staff is working hard to adapt to fluctuations with the best possible teaching methods and resources to educate HDIS children and fill in any gap this might have caused. You are requested to connect with the homeroom teacher for possible E-learning digital requirements and set up to avoid any loss in your child’s learning. This is a very unprecedented time and I appreciate the understanding and cooperation of all HDIS families in this regard.


Stay Home, stay safe

Principal HDIS.

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P.A Day March 5th

Assalam-o-Alaikum HDIS families,
It is a reminder that Friday, March 5th is a designated P.A day, will be no school/online/in-person classes for students as a result. The office will remain open as usual.


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No School Today, February 16th.

AssalamoAlaikom  HDIS Families,

                             There will be no school today due to severe weather conditions. No online or in person classes will be conducted.
Enjoy the snow day at home!
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HDIS Updates

Assalam-o-Alaikom HDIS Families,

This is to remind all HDIS families that Monday, February 15th is a Family day Holiday. There will be no school or online classes for students on Monday. The school will resume from Tuesday. We welcome in-person grade ½ students to join us from Tuesday, February 16th, 2021.

Another news for all Ontario school Boards is that March break is postponed until April according to the MED and a part of the letter sent to the families is copied below:

Today, the province announced that it is postponing March Break until April 12-16 as part of the efforts to keep schools open and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Minister shared that this decision was made with the best advice of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and public health officials. At HWDSB, we know this may be challenging news for students, families, and staff. It is another change in this unprecedented school year. We recognize that many of us were looking forward to being able to rest and recharge. We know how important this break is, particularly during this year, and look forward to this five-day break in April.

April Break will be from Monday 12th-16th of April, which is the first week of Ramadan!

You are advised to continue visiting the HWDSB website for ongoing changes in this unprecedented situation. There may be a change in important dates mentioned in the Calendar section.

Report cards will be sent home on March 11th. March 12th is a regular school day and students will attend that day as usual. Parents with concerns can call the school to book a telephone appointment with the homeroom or subject teacher. 

Please continue to do the morning COVID-19 screening for your children before sending them to school and remind them of proper hygiene with handwashing etiquettes. Please keep your child home if he/she is sick and go for the COVID-19 test in case of any symptoms.

Your cooperation is much needed and appreciated at this time.


Principal HDIS.

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P.A Day

AssalamoAlaikom HDIS Families,

This is a reminder for all HDIS families that Friday, January 29th, is a P.A day. There  will be no online classes for children on coming Friday.

Stay Home Stay Safe.


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Report Cards

Assalamo-Alaikom HDIS Families,

Report cards will go home on the 15th of December.  Alhamdulillah, our first term is almost over and the winter holidays will be from Monday, 21st of December,2020. The first day of school will be Monday the 4th of January 2021 unless something changes from MED and Public Health in terms of safety.

kindly contact your child’s teacher and book an appointment if you want to discuss the report card after receiving it. Phone appointments are preferred at this time.  Make sure that you clear all the dues/pay fees or the report card will be held until those are clear. We thank all HDIS families for the cooperation and support in this critical time.

Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy the holidays.


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Home Room Teacher Needed

Hamilton Downtown Islamic is looking to hire a Grade 1/2 homeroom teacher. An excellent opportunity for a qualified individual to work in an Islamic atmosphere with a smaller class size abide by all the safety standards as outlined according to MED and Public Health.

Being a homeroom teacher he/she should be able to provide professional-educational support in all the subjects excluding religion including Math and Science. As a teacher, you will be required to deliver lessons that develop students’ theoretical and practical skills. Assist student’s interest in education and be their dedicated ally in the entire process of learning and development. 


  • Bachelor’s degree is a must
  • B.Ed. /OCT preferred experience is also considered
  • Canadian Teaching experience for at least a year
  • Language, Math, and science teaching skills (in person and online)
  • Digital technology awareness is an asset


  • Collaborate with the Principal and teachers in establishing program curriculum connections according to the school-guidelines
  • Sourcing the resources and supplies needed for lessons, provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning
  • Collaborate with parents and students to provide the best education for each student and assist them to reach their academic and professional goals
  • Present lessons in a comprehensive manner and use hybrid-visual/audio means using technology to facilitate learning
  • Plan and execute educational events, observe and understand student’s behavior
  • Documenting and reporting on students’ progress and provides grades and feedback

The Teacher’s position is available for the 2021 remaining academic year, please submit your resume to, HDIS School Education Committee, and cc to

Application deadline: Friday, December 25th, 2020.


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P.A Day Friday 27th Nov.

Dear HDIS families,

This is to remind all HDIS families that Friday, November 27th is a P.A day. There will be no online and in-person classes. Teachers will be at school until 2:00 pm. If there is a concern related to your child’s learning feel free to book an appointment for an in-person meeting with the homeroom or subject teacher on Friday. A phone call is however recommended due to Health and Safety concerns at this time.

Stay Home Stay Safe


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School Closed for a Week

AssalamoAlaikom Parents,

Hamilton Downtown Islamic School will be closed for a week due to a confirmed COVID case among one of the staff members. The staff member was present on last Monday November 2nd in school premises, currently in isolation, following all the public health protocols  will be back after full recovery. Principal and other teachers will be quarantined for a week until 14th of November, they will be back in school on 16th of November 2020. However, students will be back for in person schooling from Tuesday 17th of November.

Whole school will be cleaned, all the high touch surfaces will be sanitized and especial care will be given to the places that staff member had been to. All the required public Health protocol will be followed in accordance with Ministry of Education reporting and outlined procedures.

Parents are requested to cooperate with teachers while they tend to help students in E-Learning transition for the time being so that there is no loss of learning. Kindly contact home room teacher for further assistance in this regard. Stay home, stay safe and kindly contact the public health if any symptom of COVID 19 appears in your child.

For more information please visit the website:

HDIS Management.


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P.A day October 30th

Dear HDIS families,

This is to remind all HDIS Families that Friday, October 30th is the P.A day at HDIS. There will be no school and online classes for children on the coming Friday. Our office will remain open as usual.


HDIS Management.

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Days to Remember HDIS 2020/2021


Important Dates   Event 
September 1,2,3,4  P.A day 
September 7th Monday  Labour day
September 8th Tuesday First day of School
September 25th Friday P.A Day
October 12th Monday  Thanks Giving 
October 30th Friday P.A day
November 27thFriday P.A day
December 15th Tuesday Ist report card
December 21st-31st Christmas Holidays
January 1st New Year 
January 29th  P.A day
February 15th Monday Family Day
March 5th  Friday P.A day
March 9th Tuesday  2nd Report card
March 12th No school for children

Parent Teachers Meeting 9 am -2 pm

March 15-19 Monday-Friday March break
April 2nd Friday Good Friday
April 5th Monday Easter Monday
May 12-14 Wednesday -Friday Eid Holiday
May 24th Monday Victoria Day
June 4th Friday P.A day
June 25th Friday 3rd Report card 
June 29th Tuesday Last day of school
June 30th Wednesday P.A day 


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P.A Day Friday September 25th.

Assalam Alaikum Parents,

This is to inform HDIS families that Friday, September 25th is a P.A day. There will be no school for children in person or online.  School will remain open for teachers, feel free to call for inquiries or visit the office after making an appointment if needed.

HDIS Management.

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Dismissal Time Change!

AssalamoAlaikom HDIS Families,

This is to inform all HDIS families about the dismissal time which is changed to 1:45 pm for students from KG-grade 6. Alhamdulillah, our students are doing good in regards to following the safety standards and maintaining a safe distance with some reminders but schooling this year is going to be different than in previous years.

However, it is hard for them to keep on the masks for an extended period of time. To reduce their discomfort we have decided to shorten the time for in-school students from grades 1-6. 

This will help us meet the requirements for all kinds of teaching being offered at HDIS now, which are online, in-person, and hybrid models.

Kindly contact the office if you are not able to pick up the child around the dismissal time(1:45 pm)and arrangements can be made accordingly.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in this sensitive time.


HDIS Management.

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