Assalam Alaikum,

Thank you for being an amazing partner in HDIS learning community, our 2019-2020 session is almost about to end. This is the time to plan for the next academic year.

This 2019-20 was the challenging year, Alhumdollilah HDIS managed to continue the session despite of the unprecedented Covid -19 pandemic and stressful atmosphere outside. Our parent council members, parents, teachers, and Staff members have proved to be amazing contributors in the successful completion of ongoing HDIS yearend goals.

HDIS has started the new registrations, it is already delayed due to pandemic. From the next year registration will start in March for the upcoming year to prepare better for the new session. It is therefore suggested to register your child as soon as possible to reserve your child seat in Hamilton Downtown Islamic School. Here, Islamic teaching, modest values, complete Ontario curriculum, and a well-structured routine awaits you. HDIS is the place where learning never stops!

Kindly contact the office for the manual or online registration and you will be guided through the process. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated, the sooner is the better. New and returning, all students are welcome please call the office at 905-581-7132 or brother Wahed at 905-920-8754 for registration.


HDIS Management.